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my mom has been a cop for over 20 years and she is the one who constantly warns me about police aggression and young male cops and told me that if you’re ever alone on a rural road and a cop throws their lights on to put on your four ways and drive to the next gas station before stopping because so many cops are scum and it’s not worth the chance of getting hurt. the fact that SHE feels the need to tell me this shit scares me to death

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Oops silly potato
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Science has proven that: 

  • Humans have auras
  • Humans have organs that sense energy
  • We inherit memories from our anscestors
  • Meditation repairs telomeres in DNA, which slows the process of aging. 
  • Compassion extends life
  • Love is more than just an emotion
  • Billions of other universes exist 
  • Meditation speeds healing


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Reverse dog shaming. [x]

Somewhere my cat is shaming me for letting him see the bottom of the bowl on multiple occasions


listen, son. if there was really a monster in your closet this would be a huge new discovery. honestly you getting mauled would be pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things if you think about it

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dear Australians,

Canada has less people than California alone, and we’re the 2nd biggest country in the world. Gay rights are fully legal, abortion is legal, no racism or descrimination of any kind is allowed, free healthcare, and we have moose. Come live here, we have lots of space!



can Americans come too


yeah okay but your milk comes in bags


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Deep dark  fears




man girls are gorgeous

alright this could mean one of two things


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Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
For 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a box by the state. It’s like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed. And some say it helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.
It’s a tradition that dates back to the 1930s and it’s designed to give all children in Finland, no matter what background they’re from, an equal start in life.
The maternity package - a gift from the government - is available to all expectant mothers.
It contains bodysuits, a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products for the baby, as well as nappies, bedding and a small mattress.
With the mattress in the bottom, the box becomes a baby’s first bed. Many children, from all social backgrounds, have their first naps within the safety of the box’s four cardboard walls.
Mothers have a choice between taking the box, or a cash grant, currently set at 140 euros, but 95% opt for the box as it’s worth much more.
The tradition dates back to 1938. To begin with, the scheme was only available to families on low incomes, but that changed in 1949.

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Socialism at work.

I would rather my tax money pay for this than drone missiles.


how people from outside of tumblr picture tumblr boys:

bed hair is not the one

how tumblr boys really are:


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